School District 63

There are three high schools, three secondary schools, and many other elementary schools that are conducting international student programs in the District 63.

There are three high schools:

Parkland/Stelly's/Claremont. These three schools are the schools that represent the two in various examples of body power.    Located close to the centre of Victoria, it is a great place to learn English as there is a considerably lower percentage of foreigners compared to other school districts.


Three Junior high Schools


Royal Oak

The North Saanich is located in the beautiful city of Victoria and around Sydney's beaches.


Our 63 School District offers a variety of challenging programs.   Students can enjoy an exciting academic course and optional courses.    You can experience various languages, music, art, woodworking, computer science, Mathematics, physics, Chemistry, dance, athletic and drama activities.  For more information, please refer to the following link.

Focus Programs


Location and temperature

The city of Sariqi is a population of about 110,000 to the south of Vancouver Island.   With a population of 4.5 million, the largest owner of the west is the capital BC, the largest city in the Greater Victoria City of 350,000 inhabitants.

The City of Vancouver is a 15-minute flight from the hotel, and the ferry/car takes about 3 hours.